Certification Services

Certification Services

PHD Chamber offers Certification Services to Indian Companies

A large number of Indian companies, in the increasingly globalised world economy, now have international commercial, technological and investment links.


More and more companies are joining the bandwagon either by exporting or importing products and technology and also by entering into collaborations with their foreign counterparts abroad.


Over one-third of India's GDP now has an external dimension!


 Most of these activities require documentation that needs to be attested / authenticated by appropriate authorities.


PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides the following services, amongst others, to Indian companies


  • PHD Chamber, authorised by the Government of India, issues Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) to Indian exporters, in accordance with Article II of the International Convention Relating to Simplification of Customs Formalities, 1923.
  • PHD Chamber attests commercial documents of various types.
  • PHD Chamber issues Recommendation Letters for issue of visas for business promotion to Diplomatic Missions of different countries in India, on behalf of Member Companies.