Invitation for Bids – Repair to Embankment


MHCND/PUB /1                                                                                         04 January 2017






Invitation for Bids – Repair to Embankment on Motorway M3 at Ripailles


I wish to refer to the High Commission’s correspondence dated 05 December 2016 on the above.


The High Commission wishes to inform that the Road Development Authority of the Republic of Mauritius has extended the closing date for submission of Bids for the “Repair to embankment on Motorway M3 at Ripailles”,Mauritius from 22 December 2016 to Friday 13 January 2017 at or before 13.30 hours (local time).


In this context, the High Commission is herewith forwarding a copy of the ‘Notice’ from the Road Development Authority.


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