Monthly e-Newsletter Newsletter: July to September 2017

SAARC Development Fund

News and events at SAARC Development Fund:

27th SDF Board Meeting

The 27th meeting of the SDF board of directors was held on 18th and 19th July in Thimphu, Bhutan. The meeting deliberated on various important issues such as the credit policy, the framework for Economic and Infrastructure window, the strategic plan of SDF 2020 and other important matters pertaining to SDF.

SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Visit to SDF

The CEO of SDF hosted a dinner for the delegates of SCCI on 25th July at Terma Linca Resort & Spa, Thimphu. Being strategic partners, SDF and SCCI had meaningful discussion during the visit regarding collaboration for co-funding of projects under E & I Windows and project proposal on SAARC Handicraft Development Center and possibility of SDF funding the project in the future.
Mr. Suraj Vaidya the President of SCCI interacted with the SDF team in order to explore other areas for collaboration.


Visit of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry , India

The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry's delegation team comprised the President Mr. Gopal Jiwarajka and the Secretary General Mr. Saurabh Sanyal and other important figures. The visit took place on 4th September, 2017 in order to discuss areas of collaboration between SDF and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


World Bank to Act as Knowledge Partner for the Social Enterprise Development Program (SEDP)

Ms. Shobha Shetty, the Practice Manager from World Bank visited SDF on September 21st , 2017 in order to discuss the way forward for the Social Enterprise Development Program. SDF will soon be launching the Social Enterprise Development Program in all SAARC member states with the help of World Bank as its Knowledge Partner.

Project News and Update:

Farmers Training Report on Fruit Candy Processing

The hands- on training of Kalapang farmers group, Salinggeog, Mongar Dzongkhag were organized from 4th January 2017 to 6th January 2017 at Kalapang Lhakhang. They grow different fruits such as papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, banana, guava etc. in these villages, however, there is no market for excess production and processing knowledge is very limited. The training is funded by the SDF through the project "Post-Harvest Management and Value addition of fruits in production catchments in SAARC countries. READ MORE

WASH Program Training Conducted for the Month of August 2017

The details of the trainings conducted during the month of August 2017 are as mentioned below wherein total of 89 members participated. The subjects of the same are as mentioned below. The trainings were conducted with an objective to train the WASH committees formulated under the WASH Program in 11 Villages of Durgapur, Rajasthan on different subject areas to enhance their skills and build capacities, strong co-ordination among the WASH Leaders to complete the work effectively and efficiently.READ MORE

Hand Pump Repairing TOT and Capacity Building Training

RSPN through the funding from SAARC Development Fund and with technical support from Engineering Sector of Samtse Dzongkhag provided a five-day basic technical training on operation and maintenance of Rural Water Supply Scheme/System (RWSS) to 12 water caretakers of Yoeseltse and Phuntshopelri Gewogs from August 22-26, 2017 at Yoeseltse Gewog Centre, Samtse. The training was conducted to build capacity of the local water caretakers on operation and maintenance of RWSS for sustainable management and functioning at the community level; and to provide hands-on-training of the water caretakers on standard operating procedures (SOPs) of RWSS. READ MORE

SABAH Afghanistan Changed Diba's life

Name: Diba
Age: 22
Education level: 8th class
Live in: Shakardara
District, Kabul, Afghanistan Number of family members: 8
Marital status: Single


My name is Diba. I live in the in Shakardara district of Kabul with my family. I joined SABAH Afghanistan in October 2014. After 65 days of training I started work and helped my family through production work in garment production at SABAH Afghanistan.

During the conflict in Afghanistan we were living in Afghanistan. My father worked as farmer and before joining SABAH I felt weak and ineffective because I didn't have any skills. I also wasn't able to continue my education.

After training I worked with the group of HBWs in Shakardara CFC, but now I'm sewing at home and my monthly income is around AFS.4000.

I'm happy with my current life and thankful of SABAH and SDF for the facilities that they have created and provided for poor and needy women like me.

Snehlata's Astonishing Journey From a Home Maker to a Hand Pump Mechanic

Name: Snehlata Prabashankar Parmar
Village: Battikada, Ragela panchayat.
Age: 28 years

I am the secretary of WASH Committee of my village. We the members of WASH committee have shared our responsibilities among ourselves. Previously, I was doing nothing other than domestic chore, but now I am a hand pump mechanic. When there is any problem in the functioning of the hand pumps I am able to solve it.READ MORE


Nusrat Jahan's Success With Rehabilitation Science

Name: Nusrat Jahan
Address: CRP, Chapain, Savar,Dhaka, Bangladesh-1343

Masters in Rehabilitation Science (MRS) is a holistic program and blends multi-disciplinary/ multinational professionals. I am happy that I could complete the program successfully and implementing the knowledge of MRS widely in my current position of Project Coordinator-Rights, Rehabilitation, Empowerment for Persons with Disabilities (RRED) Project and Assistant Manager (Acting) - Rehabilitation Wing of Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP), Bangladesh. I wish the MRS program and the current students to have long sustainability and highest successes. and Assistant Manager (Acting) - Rehabilitation Wing of Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP), Bangladesh. I wish the MRS program and the current studentsto have long sustainability and highest successes.


Past Events

• Combined project meeting on "Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits in Production        Catchments in SAARC Countries" on October 4th to 5th, 2017 in Thimphu.
• Meeting of SDF Counterpart Agencies on October 4
th to 6th, 2017 in Thimphu.

SDF Staff News

New Members:

New Members Join the SDF Family:



Mr. Tarun Mittal
Assistant Director , Credit and Risk.



Mr. Nashid Reza
Assistant Director , Legal.


Mr. Syed Zeeshan Ali
Assistant Director , Economic and Infrastructure Windows.



Mr. Dorji Wangdi
Assistant Director , Social Enterprise Development Program (SEDP).


Ms. Pem Chuki Wangdi Assistant Director , Social Windows.



Mr. Suman Kumar Bohara
Assistant Director , Admin and Finance.


Birthday Celebration:

SDF would like to wish "Happy Birthday!" to some of our own SDF family members :
• Ms. Lhaki (Program Officer)
• Ms. Chador Tshomo (Administration and HR Officer)
• Mr. Jamyang Chodea (Supporting Staff)
• Mr. Jangchuk Dorji (Supporting Staff)

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