COVIDsure Pro


100 Test

714 per test

• Highly Specific: 100% Specificity. No detectable cross reactivity with most human Coronavirus strains, respiratory pathogens, etc.
• Utmost Sensitivity: 100% Sensitivity. Wider range of Covid-19 strains covered to detect most mutations (mutation variants)
• Timesaving Approach: Processing time is approximately 1 hour
• Certified Quality: CE IVD marked reliable quality. Approved & Validated by ICMR
• Shelf life: 12 months



COVIDsure Pro is a 4 Gene Kit (ORF1ab, N, E and Internal control). It is developed for the rapid detection of viral infection by simultaneous targeting of three major genes ORF 1ab, envelope (E), and nucleocapsid (N). The Kit also includes an internal control to ensure successful extraction and amplification of Viral RNA.



Company Name – Trivitron Health Care Private Limited
Company Address – 15, IV Street, Abhiramapuram, Chennai – 600 018
Company Phone Number – 9840080008
Contact person – Mr. Amit Arora
Mobile Number – +91 9871007298
Email ID –


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