The Samman

Categories aligned with UN (SDGs)

The list of categories:

A. Environment Consciousness

Environmental consciousness is paramount for the state. The threat of climate change is real and the state has witnessed the devastating effects. It is required that the Hospitality Industry displays a consciousness for the Environment. Applicants must demonstrate board level commitment to environmental issues; policies for environmental management embedded across the organisation; evidence of investment in green technologies; development of behaviour-changing initiatives among guests, staff and suppliers; and outstanding environmental benefits from its practices.


B. Destination Developer

Destinations are the most important assets for Tourism. It has to be a place where people aspire to spend time and unwind. Apart from the mainstay attraction the location provide infrastructure to support essential requirements of travellers. Uttarakhand has a huge potential to add more destinations. This Category honors individual/Corporate Bodies who have successfully developed Destinations in the state.

Applicants should clearly demonstrate initiative, innovation and scalable potential of the destination. The Samman will Criteria will include: improving direct economic and social benefits for local people; conservation and protection of natural or cultural environments; mitigation and adaptation of tourism activities with climate change; and respect for the rights of local and indigenous people in the destination.

The SDG Alignments of the Samman will be as follows:


C. Cultural Propagator

The primary draw for travellers is the human experience of the place. It is the cultural achievements in the forms of food, music, dance and lively interactions built in the daily life that enrich the experience and build lasting impressions. Tourism companies invest a lot in building the desired experience by showcasing cuisine, music, dances and other unique cultural achievements. These Samman intend to recognize unique efforts undertaken to promote and propagate the culture of the state.

The SDG Goals Aligning with this Samman are



Individuals, Corporate Bodies, NGOs, that are working in this area will be evaluated for this Samman. The Applicant will have to showcase the unique initiatives taken towards promotion of arts and crafts artists, musicians, local dishes, etc. Further the Sammanee should have displayed commitment to the Practioneers of these arts and made provisions for their sustainability.

D. Livelihood Supporter

Skill Development and Livelihood are the essential pivots for a successful tourism industry. Individual and corporate bodies have been working tirelessly to impart the essential skills. This category recognizes the reskilling initiatives of Individuals, NGOs, Corporate bodies that have contributed to capacity development for the sector. Criteria include: exceptional human resources management; policies for developing people which are embedded across the organisation; evidence of significant investment in creating and maintaining training and staff development; staff/student training in sustainability; and support for direct local employment as well as local supply chains.

UN Sustainable Goal that align with the Samman are


E. Start Up Ventures

India is a developing economy with aspirations of becoming a world economic power. By 2025 India’s GDP will double adding over 80 million new job seekers, but at current rates only 30 million jobs will be created, mostly in informal sector. The startup mission especially for Micro & Small Enterprises and Rural Start ups will become the engine of growth for our nation. The State of Uttarakhand has proposed a Start Up Policy with a special focus on the core sectors of development where in Tourism sector is of paramount importance for the hills economy and for channelizing the youth energy to the progressive trajectory of the state’s growth. This state with a higher literacy index is facilitating the innovation and entrepreneurship for inclusive growth.

Innovation is a major force for growth and development, ensuring competitiveness and providing the ingredients for lasting success. The Start-Up Innovation Samman will seeking for the most innovative Himalayan Tourism business models from around the state to capture this potential.