The Samman

The Samman Objectives

The Objective of the Samman is to recognize and appreciate the Best Practices of the industry and encourage them for adoption. The Uttarakhand Himalayan Samman are designed to spearhead a Behavior Change and encourage Healthy Competition in the Sector.

These would enhance the capacity of the state and enable it to punch above its weight in the industry. However, it is also clear that we have been barely scratching at the surface of the overall size of the opportunity.

We believe that a lot of good work is happening in the industry and the same needs to be documented, analysed and rewarded. The benefits of the initiative are stated below:

  • Post GST regime the Samman will give necessary impetuous needed for the sector to be one of the core economic drivers.
  • It will help building peer to peer collaborative environment.
  • It will help capture the critical date and will help planners to keep pace with the emerging trends.
  • It will help achieve high standards and motivate behavioral changes.
  • This will be an interactive & knowledge platform for the policy makers & stake holders.
  • Help infuse a spirit of healthy competition.
  • Will act as a barometer for the sector health.
  • Public recognition for the achievements & commitments of excellence.