Himalayan Expo - 2019

Program Specifications

  • PHD Himalayan Tourism Samman 2019 & Himalayan Expo
  • 7th-8th-9th September, 2019 Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
  •  Inaugural Function Himalayan Expo on 7th September, 2019
  •  HITS Culinary Contest on 8th September, 2019
  •  HIT Samman Inaugural & Conference on 9th September, 2019 (Himalayan Day)

About PHD Himalayan Tourism Samman

First of its kind Tourism Awards in the Himalayan States commissioned by PHD Chamber Uttarakhand State Chapter will be ode and a testimony to the efforts of thousands of people working day and night to make our travels to the state comfortable and enjoyable. PHD Himalayan Tourism Samman (HIT SAMMAN) are aimed at galvanizing the tourism industry in the Himalyan states. The purpose of the awards is to identify, analyze and reward desirable behavior and performance in broadly two categories:



PHD HITS is hospitality show, promoting Sustainable & Responsible tourism in the Himalayan region of global ecological importance. PHD HITS provides tourism industry stake holders with an essential platform to promote their products and services. Visitors attending PHD HITS 2019 can be classified as Hoteliers, travelers, tour operators, CEOs, Chefs or proprietor. PHD HITS aims to be an ultimate hotspot of recognition for responsible & sustainable best practices and networking with key stake holders of the tourism industry in Himalayan Region.

SDGs based Sustainable Awards


The Basis for assessing desirable behavior would be the Guidelines on Sustainable Tourism issues by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) to which India is a Signatory. The Applicants will be assessed on these parameters.

Popular Choice Awards

The Popular Choice Awards is commissioned in collaboration with large Travel Aggregators. The Parameters for these awards will be the customer reviews. This initiative will also help create data to identify the emerging trends of the sector annually.

HITS "HIMALAYAN EXPO" 2019 (A 3 Days Himalayan Expo)
Salient Features:

  •  3 Days Exposition of the Himalayan Tourism & Himalayan Products including Himalayan Textile, Handicrafts, Culinary, Organic, Medicinal, Health, Yoga etc.
  •  New Destination Expo including Eco Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Health, Spiritual, Nature etc.
  •  Himalayan Culinary Championship
  •  Cultural evenings
  •  3 days of Conferences and symposiums

Exhibition Features:

  •  Himalayan Products like ; Himalayan Medicinal & Aromatics, Organic Products, bouquets of Himalayan tourism products, Himalayan Cousin
  •  Exhibitors of various Himalayan specific tourism services eg. Eco Tourism, Nature tracks, Adventure, mythological & spiritual heritage, yoga etc
  •  New age technology and solutions for the sector
  •  Opportunity to gauge latest trends and market competition.
  •  Visitors profile will include Buyers & other stake holders, Industry people & professionals from the sector.
  •  Featured Pavilions

Himalayan Gastronomy Fest
This Himalayan Culinary Contest is an extravaganza which will extend over every aspect of Culinary & Hospitality specific to Himalayan Region with special focus on Uttarakhand cuisine & ingredients. The event will allure visitors and explore the possibilities of satisfying the appetite with the ingredients of the Himalayan origin and thus exploring new dimensions of the array of recipes' for Himalayan Tourists.


  •  Top Hotel Mgt. Institutions of the region will participate.
  •  A celebrity Chef will lead the eminent jury.
  •  Culinary art research scholars will be engaged in documenting the technical aspects of the contest to be published as research paper.
  •  A team of local professional chefs will demonstrate the Himalayan Culinary Art at the Demo Kitchen of the IHM Dehradun.
  •  5 Finalist teams will contest live for the 2 categories of Sammans from the kitchens of IHM Dehradun:




Top three categories of "HIMALAYAN CULINARY SAMMANS"
The eminent Jury will decide from amongst the Five finalist contesting teams


Top three Categories of Popular Choice Sammans
Around 70 Hoteliers & Restaurant owners of the town will be invited as delegates & based on their live feedback the “POPULAR CHOICE HIMALAYAN CULINARY SAMMAN” will be awarded to the teams

Himalayan Fashion Ramp Walk
Himalayan Sustainable Fashion Samman - 7th September, 2019 Dehradun


THE HIMALAYAN SUSTAINABLE FASHION Extravaganza will extend over every aspect of sustanaibility in the fashion industry, related to the critical input resources of Himalayan Region. The general indiference to the sustainability related to fashion industry is due to the lack of awareness about the environmental pressure due to water consumption, soil pollution, chemical release, short life clothing etc. exserted by this industry. The event will enchant audiences with brilliance and glamour of beautiful models wrapped in motley garbs hued in natural colours & sewing out of sustainable fabrics like khadi, hemp etc. of Himalayan origin. This program will also showcase new dimensions of the array of possibilities of making this industry sustainable and will award the contributors to the same.